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Why should I outsource my bookkeeping?

Will you replace my accountant?

Who are your clients?

How does your service work?

Is Remote Access secure?

What versions of QuickBooks 
do you use?

How much do you charge? 

Do I have to commit to a certain 
amount of time?

Is my business too small for you to provide services to me?

Do you guarantee my privacy?

How can I find out more?


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I outsource my bookkeeping?

By outsourcing your bookkeeping to a qualified professional, you will:

  • Free up your valuable time and resources to focus on growing your business. 
  • Have access to professional bookkeeping expertise when you need it. 
  • Have peace of mind knowing your books are accurate and up-to-date. 

Outsourcing is also more cost-effective than hiring an employee. With an employee, even part time, you have to add the cost of payroll taxes, benefits, workers' comp, disability and administration to the employee's salary. You also 

have the added responsibility of supervising an employee. 

Will you replace my CPA?

No. I perform bookkeeping services only and take guidance from your CPA. Not only are CPAs your best source for tax planning, tax return preparation and audit services, they can also help guide you through more complex business decisions and financial situations. Bookkeepers keep up the daily maintenance of your records and provide your CPA with the financial data they need.

Some CPA firms also offer bookkeeping services, but a CPA firm usually charges more than an independent bookkeeper for the same services. The hourly cost of your CPA's services may not be the best use of their time or your money. 

Who are your clients?

My clients include small service-based businesses, nonprofit organizations, churches and solo professionals.  I have extensive experience working with clients such as a:

  • music conservatory
  • homeowners' association
  • family law attorney
  • medical practitioner
  • mastering engineer
  • Episcopal church
  • dog rescue organization
  • others

How does your service work? 

I strive to make my bookkeeping services as convenient as possible for my clients. Services can be provided either on-site (at your location if you're in Westchester County, NY or the surrounding areas) or off-site (at my office) using QuickBooks software. 

On-site work is done at your office using your computer system and accounting software. 

Off-site work can be done via cloud-based QuickBooks Online, or via LogMein 

remote access to your desktop software.  I use my own computer system and software to do the work.

For both on-site and off-site work, I will set up your company bank and credit 

card accounts for secure automatic downloads into QuickBooks.  Downloading the transactions into QuickBooks saves time and reduces errors. Once downloaded, 

will categorize the transactions so they are assigned to the proper income and expense categories, and then reconcile the accounts to ensure accuracy.

How secure are LogMeIn Remote Access and QuickBooks Online?

LogMeIn Remote Access provides multi–layer protection with application–level access control. All the data transmitted during a remote access session is encrypted using industry standard 128–Bit SSL. 

QuickBooks Online uses the same technology used by online banks and brokerage firms to transmit your private data over the Internet.

What version of QuickBooks software do you use?

I currently use the latest versions of QuickBooks Pro and Premier (including the nonprofit version), QuickBooks for Mac, and QuickBooks Online Plus and Essentials.

How much do you charge?

I charge an affordable hourly rate for the first three months of service. After this introductory period, I’ll offer you an option to be billed on a flat fee monthly basis. The flat fee will be based on the average number of hours required to perform the bookkeeping services you need (not including catch up services).

For clients who have months of data entry, I charge an hourly rate to catch up your books. QuickBooks setup and training services are also charged at an hourly rate.

Most of my clients spend only $200 - $300 per month (for monthly services), depending on the size of their business and the services they need. This low monthly fee buys business owners peace of mind and freedom from the stress 

of having to deal with their own bookkeeping. 

To request a free estimate, please Click Here.

Do I have to commit to a certain amount of time? 

No. I provide only the services you want and only for as long as you want them, 

and I only bill you after the services are performed. You have no upfront obligations. 

Is my business too small for you to provide services to me? 

I specialize in small businesses; you might even say micro businesses. I cater to 

the business owners that don't have the workload to make it practical to hire a 

bookkeeper, but don't have the time or expertise to do the books themselves. 

Do you guarantee my privacy?

Absolutely. Discretion and privacy are important to me and are guarantees I proudly make to my clients.

How can I find out more?

Please Click Here to contact me for a complimentary consultation!  I welcome the opportunity to speak with you, answer your questions, and work out all the details 

of how NCA Bookkeeping can help you.